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First of all, I’d like to thank all the veterans who have served our country today. I know the risk and sacrifice these men and women give to do their jobs.  Thank you.

Happy Veterans Day!

For today’s #WIPWeds, I have another bit from Do Over, book two in my Free Will series. For those of you who have read Free Pass, this is Austin’s story.

Do Over is a standalone story, but it does contain spoilers for Free Pass. 

Today we have Kara’s POV again. Here it is:

“Rise and shine.” Austin’s voice pulled me from my slumber.

I’d struggled to fall asleep, knowing the bed I slept in was his. My every motion sent his scent wafting up from the pillows and made me wish that the warmth surrounding me was Austin’s arms, not just his comforter.

Grumbling about not being ready to get up yet, I rolled over. Austin stood in the doorway with a tray of food.

“I brought you breakfast in bed. Pecan pancakes, bacon, and juice.” He set the tray on the nightstand beside me. “How’d you sleep?”

A single red rose lay on the tray. He’d even remembered that pecan pancakes were my favorite. I sat up and smoothed my hair down. He looked delicious in a snug fitting t-shirt, and I probably looked like a mess.

Austin reached up and stilled my hand. “Your hair is fine. Eat while it’s hot.”

Heat rose in my cheeks, but I grabbed a slice of bacon and stuffed it in my mouth before I could say something bitchy. Or throw myself at him. It was borderline which would occur.

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