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Today I have another bit from Do Over, the next book in my Free Will series. For those of you who have read Free Pass, this is Austin’s story. It is a standalone but does contain spoilers for Free Pass. 

Today we have Kara’s POV. Here it is:


“If I want to be a successful wedding gown designer, I need to go to the best school. You being here has no bearing on that. Now I just wish I’d never met you.”

Austin flinched at my words and I enjoyed it. I relished watching him squirm. He should have to feel some of this pain. If he hurt like I did, then maybe the jerk would think twice before he screwed around on someone else.

“Well, whatever, you did meet me. And you can’t spend two days in the airport. Come home with me like we’d planned. I… uh… I’ll sleep on the couch if you want. Please. Staying here will get awfully uncomfortable.”

Why did he have to make such a good point?

On one hand, I didn’t want to see him ever again. Yet on the other, he was right. I couldn’t stay in the airport for days. Not unless I wanted to become a real-life Tom Hanks movie. But if he touched me would I be able to resist him?

“I’ll go with you on only one condition.”

“Name it.” Hope brightened his eyes and I briefly second-guessed my choice.

Tightening my resolve, I threw my meanest glare at him. “You have to swear that you won’t touch me at all. That ship has sailed. We are done. Got it?”


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