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Back today with the first #WIPWeds installment of One Shot, book 3 in the Free Will series. Are y’all ready for Randy & Kelsey’s story? 🙂

“Kelsey Simmons, your challenge—”

“If you choose to accept it,” Hannah interrupted, trying unsuccessfully to keep a straight face. The tiniest of giggles escaped from her perfectly painted lips.

“What do you mean if?” Taylor spun to face Hannah. The daggers in her eyes pulled the color right from poor, sweet Hannah’s face.

Now Taylor Williams didn’t scare me like she did these other Alpha Nu Beta girls. I grew up out in the country in a house full of boys. Some snooty rich girl who didn’t know a tobacco setter from a hay baler didn’t frighten me one bit.

What did scare me? The hare-brained scheme she’d thought up to put us juniors through just to see who got to be sorority president for our senior year. The maniacal glee in her eyes before Hannah had opened her mouth had set me clear on edge. Knowing Taylor, it was probably going to be high-risk and very likely embarrassing. Bonus points if it meant the entire friggin’ campus finding out a deep-dark secret.

I took a deep breath and just asked. Better to get it over with than stew on the possibilities. “What’s the challenge?”

Taylor turned back to me. That crazy look was back in her eyes. “You have to seduce a campus player of my choosing. Not just sleep with him, but actually make him fall in love with you. Get him to make a public display of his affections and then dump him in front of the entire school.”

Son of a—

Yeah… That’s about what I thought this stupid witch would come up with.

“Each of you juniors will be assigned a target. The challenges must be completed by the December meeting so that we can vote on which made the biggest, most embarrassing, scene. So, it’s not just who succeeds first… It is also which one can dig deep and make their guy hurt the most.”

How did I get involved with these people? I mean, really. If it hadn’t been for my mama’s insistence that her sorority sisters were still some of her best friends twenty-five years later, I’d have never joined. But personally, I liked these idiots less and less every time they opened their mouths.

Hannah cleared her throat and looked to Taylor before speaking. Like she was checking for permission. “So there are six of you who will be seniors next year. I have here a list of ten guys—we did want to make sure there was at least someone you might be attracted to on the list. You will need to pick your target before you leave today.”

“Or you can make other living arrangements.” Taylor smirked at me.

Who did that cow think she was?

The controller of the sorority house keys, that’s who. She absolutely could get me thrown out of here. Damn Laney for moving in with her boyfriend at the last minute and leaving me hanging. I hadn’t been able to find an apartment I could afford alone without taking out a shit-ton of student loans, so I’d moved in to the sorority house. I so regretted that decision now.

A fellow junior, Sydney, asked, “Who’s on the list?” She sounded scared.

Not that I blamed her. This dare was friggin’ epic. There was no way this wasn’t going to end badly for pretty much all of us. We had to somehow get super-hot guys, who had made it through at least three years of college without any attachments, to fall so deeply in love with us that they’d show out in front of the whole damn school. Without falling in love ourselves.

Um… yeah. That was going to just be peaches.

Check back next week for the next excerpt of One Shot!

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