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I screwed up. Bad.

On a spring break trip to the beach, I met Kara–the girl of my dreams. I bared my soul to her, but left out one tiny little detail. Of course, Kara saw it differently. Now Kara’s long gone and that girl back home I forgot to mention is dating my brother. When Kara reappears in my life, I’m determined to get a second chance with her. I know she’s what I want, but can I convince her that a do over is worth the risk?

 He broke my heart.

I met the most amazing guy. Unfortunately, another girl got him first. So, I picked up the shattered pieces of my heart and planned to spend the summer hiding out while I patch my battered soul. Just as I settle in to the microscopic town my mom moved to, my new equilibrium is destroyed. Austin saunters in the door of the clinic where I work. My body wants him as much as ever, but can I trust him with my still-mending heart?

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