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Today I have another bit from Do Over, the next book in my Free Will series. For those of you who have read Free Pass, this is Austin’s story. It is a standalone but does contain spoilers for Free Pass.

“Can you take Rex over to the vet clinic?”

My fork fell from my hand. “Is he sick again?” The pounding in my chest increased and I had to swallow hard. I’d gotten attached to the old dog working at the shelter back in the city. My parents had taken him in after I’d begged. He’d already had to have heart surgery. “Where is Rex?”

“Oh, no. Nothing like that. He’s playing out back. He’s just got to have regular checkups now to make sure that he’s healthy. As far as I know, he’s good to go.”

While I picked my fork back up, most of my appetite was gone. “What time’s his appointment?” I pushed the pancakes around the plate, but hardly felt like eating them. The thought of losing Rex was enough to make me done with food for now.

“Nine. Did I tell you that Dr. Crews retired? There’s a new vet now. Same location though, there on the square. The new owner is Dr. Stevens.”

“Okay. I’m going to get a quick shower first. After I get him checked out, I need to start looking for a summer job. My car’s about done for. It’s in the shop as much as it’s on the road.”

“Sounds good, kiddo. I think Randy’s dad said something about needing help with hay?”

“Nah, Randy came home too. He’ll be working for his dad. I’ll find something though. Maybe the vet or the shelter will have something though.”

After my shower, I loaded Rex into my mom’s car—mine was still full of boxes—and drove him over to Free Will Vet Clinic.

I coaxed him inside the old brick building and checked him in.

The new vet was up front and introduced himself. “I’m John Stevens. Rex and I have got to know each other pretty well over the last month or so. You must be the son who suckered his parents into taking in the old fella.”

My mom must have been talking about me again. I laughed. “Yeah, that would be me. I’m Austin.”

“Good to meet you.”

“Hey, you wouldn’t need any help here this summer, would you?”

He looked at me for a minute. “Afraid not. My stepdaughter will be working here this summer, so I’m all set.” A door in the back opened and the curvy silhouette of a woman walked toward us. “Speaking of…”

The vet nodded in the direction of the new arrival. Then she stepped into the lighted front room.



Look next Wednesday for the cover reveal for Do Over.

And if you haven’t read Free Pass yet, you can pick it up here.

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