#WIPWeds Clandestine, Book 2 in the Garden Falls series #excerpt


How about another little bit from Claire’s perspective? This one is nearly done. I’m so excited about it!

Adrenaline surged through her blood as the cards slid into her fingertips. She hadn’t played poker in a while. But tonight would be one for the memory books. She could already tell.
Zane settled back into his chair. His t-shirt pulled tight over his lightly muscled chest. Claire thought back to the day they’d met. She was fourteen, all legs and still in that gangly awkward stage. Her tits had been non-existent. Zane had been seventeen and nearly a man. He’d worked that summer with his father and had the hewn muscles of a hard-working man. His shirtless physique had fueled hours of teenage fantasy.
Now, six years later, she’d definitely changed more than he had. But he had a confidence about him now that he’d been lacking then. An air of masculinity that only came with age.
Claire tapped a couple chips together and smiled a bit when Zane focused his eyes on her hand. She just needed to keep her shit together for a few hands, learn his weaknesses, and not show too much excitement in the process.

Because she was excited. Excited to see the changes six years had wrought on Zane’s body. Excited to take their relationship to an all new level.
“Two pair.” He flipped his cards in front of him. “Jacks and eights.”
“Straight.” Claire showed her hand. “I win.”

Zane made a show of taking off his right boot and tossing it toward the living room. Three hands in and Zane was down both boots and his belt.
“Next hand is mine.” He got up and grabbed two more beers. “I got you now.”
She raised her bottle in salute. “Sure you do.” When the cards came out, she threw away a pair of queens. She watched his face carefully. His eyes crinkled up a bit after he took his new cards. Yes, that’s what she’d been waiting for. “Call.”
She tossed in a couple chips to match him. “I got a pair of tens.”

“Ha. Two pair, aces and sevens. Take it off, sweet girl.” He gulped down his beer and she watched the tiny movements in his throat with interest.

Standing, she waited for him to put his beer down to move. “What should I take off? My shirt?” He nodded slowly. “But you only removed a single shoe?”

“Shit,” he hissed.

“Two for one bonus,” she teased. “I’ll take off both shoes even though you only won a single hand.”

“Take the shirt off.”

“Nope.” She sat back down. “But maybe next time.”

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