#WIPWeds Clandestine, Book 2 in the Garden Falls series #amwriting


It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to write. We had a serious water issue in our basement that took AGES to resolve. But now I am back at it.

So, here’s today’s #WIPWeds snippet:

Twisting into a nice deep stretch, Zane let out a groan. Damn, his back was stiff. Nine hours of framing had every muscle in his back protesting. A nice, hot shower hit the top of his plans for the evening. Maybe a movie.

His cell phone buzzed on his hip. He let it go for a second before he grabbed it. “Yeah.”

“You’ve got mail, asshole.”

“You know, it’s a good thing AOL wasn’t that rude with their notifications.” He laughed.

“AOL got paid. I’m a damn messenger boy for free,” Sean grumbled. “You want better service, open your wallet.”

“Ha, well, get my sister to pay you. I’m sure she won’t mind helping her only brother out.” Zane held the phone with his shoulder, carrying his tools to the truck. “I’m sure she can pay you in more preferable ways than I can anyway.”

A loud grunt came through the line. “Pick it up by six or I’ll throw it away.”

“Dude, who pissed in your cheerios today?” It wasn’t like Sean to be so grumpy. Usually his brother-in-law had a smile on his face. “Everything all right?”

“Yeah. I just have a missing waitress, I’m low on whiskey thanks to the idiot delivery guy who managed to shatter a case in the middle of my club today, and I had to mop the whole damn place again.” Someone in the background said something to Sean. “Yeah, I didn’t know whiskey and floor cleaner would combine to smell like unwashed ass and vomit either, but the fuck you want me to do?”

“I’ll see you in a little while. Sounds like you have issues.”

Sean just hung up.

Zane shook his head and clipped his phone back on his hip. He picked up the last of his tools and waved to the other guys as they cleared out. He’d just opened the cab of his truck, already longing for the heated leather seats, when his dad pulled in next to him.

“Thought I’d stop in and see how it was shaping up,” his dad called over the hood of his truck.

“Don’t you mean, thought you’d stop in and check up on me?” Sam Richmond had one motive, and only one. Zane knew all his dad’s little tricks.

“Now, Zane…”

“Oh, don’t get your blood pressure up. Come on, I’ll show you real quick. I got somewhere to be.”

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