#WIPWeds Clandestine, Book 2 in the Garden Falls series #amwriting


Clandestine is coming along. Here’s the next little tidbit for you.

Zorro made his way over to her. She looked him up and down. Tight black pants that were filled in all the right places, black shirt across muscular shoulders, and a sexy as hell beard. Oh yes, Zorro she could get down with.
With a bow, he took her hand. His dark beard tickled her hand as he brought it up to his lips. “Beautiful angel, I wish to dance with you.”
Something about his voice triggered a warning, but she ignored it in favor of the delicious sparks of desire shooting up her arm. “Absolutely, my dark hero.”
He led her out onto the dance floor and she fitted herself to him as close as the upbeat song would allow. Damn, he felt amazing. His rough hands brushed up and down her arm.

When the dance ended, he escorted her back to the bar. She ordered another martini and he took a beer.
Nudging her back against the bar, he stepped close. He nuzzled her throat, his breath hot against the bare, sensitive skin there, whispering how beautiful she was, how much he was looking forward to getting to know her.
She clung to him. Oh yes, Zorro was coming home with her tonight, if she had any say. She pushed him back a little and finished her martini. “Get rid of that beer so we can dance again.”

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