#WIPWeds Clandestine, Book 2 in the Garden Falls series #amwriting


Now that Do Over is out in the world, I’ve turned my attention back to Garden Falls. Talia’s best friend Claire is finding love unexpectedly. Look for Claire’s story in early 2016.

Here’s a little (unedited) excerpt:

Turning into the packed parking lot at Garden, Claire winced. The line of people went from the double front doors, all the way around the side under the stained glass windows. Of course it would, every adult in town under thirty was inside, or wanted to be. She finally found a spot to squeeze her little compact car in next to a big Ford truck and sighed when she read the Richland Construction sign on its door.
Shit. The last thing she wanted to deal with tonight was Zane freaking Richmond. The big goof seemed to make it his life’s mission to make her smile. But lately? Lately, he’d taken it a step further and the teasing had taken on a flirty tone. And now her heart went crazy every time he smiled her direction. Talia would murder her over Zane though. Best friends’ siblings are off limits.
With a fortifying breath, Claire stepped out of her car. She pulled the rest of her costume from the back seat. Huge wings. Tonight, she was an angel. The snowy white feathers weighed heavily on her back. But with her mask and wings firmly in place, she strode up to worn brick building. Zane Richmond wasn’t going to keep her from this party. Not tonight.
She got in line behind a pair of ninjas and wondered if she’d be able to find her friends. Stupid costume parties. At least she’d be able to find Sean who would be able to point Talia out for her. Even if he was in costume, the massive bartender that her best friend just married would be easy to find.
Flipping her mask up, she showed ID to the bouncer at the door and got the 21+ stamp on her hand. Oh she definitely planned to have a few drinks tonight. This week had been damn ridiculous at work and she was so ready for a little relaxation.
She’d barely made it in the door when Peter Pan asked her to dance. Glancing down, she vetoed that. Nope. Not nearly enough in those tights to tempt her. “Sorry, Pete. I’m an angel, not a fairy. Keep looking, you’ll find your Tinkerbell.”

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