Where do you write?

Do you have a dream writing space where creativity flows uninhibited by the constraints of your physical space? I have a couple spaces that would be decent for writing, but aren’t exactly dreamy writing space.

I have an antique secretary desk, that’s not bad for writing on. But I rarely get to write there. My husband works nights and is usually asleep in our room during the day when I would want to write. I have the perfect window seat for reading and dreaming up ideas. Again…it’s in our room where he would be sleeping.

So, I usually end up writing on the couch or the dining room table where I can see all the chores that need to be done and end up getting distracted by that. I have trouble focusing when there’s a lot of clutter. Noise doesn’t bother me. Kids running past, not so much. But a scrap of paper on the floor? A stray Fruit Loop? Oh no, that has to go.

I wish I had a dedicated office/writing space.

Maybe something like this:

writing space

A completely separate little building would be just amazing. Think of the silence, the lack of clutter. Wouldn’t it be great? This is my favorite. You can see more on my “My Dream Writing Space” pinterest board.

So, where do you write?

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