Guest Post: Top 5 Fairy Tales Remade by D.F. Krieger

Welcome, D.F. Thanks for popping by to visit with me today. Let’s talk about fairy tales…

It’s no surprise we love adult retellings of our childhood favorites. Like comfort food, they hit a spot in our psyche that makes us purr. Here is a list of the most commonly remade fairy tales that have an adult twist.


  1. The girl who works herself ragged, is ignored, taken for granted, or mistreated by her family, and is finally rescued by the prince so she’ll never have to work again. What woman doesn’t play this fantasy in her head when she’s scrubbing dishes or folding laundry for what feels like the 10th million time?


  1. Beauty and the Beast. The ultimate bad boy, completely untamable by anyone but the heroine. Oh how we love our bad boys. And how we hope we’ll all get lucky enough that the bad boy falls just as madly in love with us as we do him. Extra points if he ends up being a misunderstand man with a heart of gold under that gruff or scarred exterior.


  1. Red Riding Hood. There’s something about temptation that shadows almost every retelling of this story. The lure of giving in to our animal side, of discovering the delicacies the dark woods have to offer. Who can resist?


  1. Snow White. Innocent. Beautiful. Envied by all. And 7 men who love her completely. The most common retellings are poly amorous, though there are some of Snow White and the Huntsman, and fewer still of Prince Charming. Often, readers are seduced into a world of a woman being worshipped by many men.


  1. Alice in Wonderland. Anything goes, or comes, in the world of Wonderland. The crazy is reality and reality isn’t real. Alice can be as innocent or sexy, and chaste or impure as a reader desires with the right retelling. Don’t like Alice? There are plenty of stories who feature favorites…especially The Mad Hatter.

Tell us about your fairy tale story…


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