#fridayreads The Game Plan by @Kris10Callihan #review

*Sigh* Ethan Dexter… He’s almost TOO perfect. Big, muscular, tattooed, pierced… I could go on and on. He’s wanted Fiona Mackenzie since he first saw her. Which was a LONG time before she really saw him. That’s one of the niggling doubts I had about this book. If Dex was SO hot, how’d Fi NOT notice him? But, I tried my best to put that aspect of the story behind me.

What I liked:

Dex is sweet, loving, and generous. His friends are his family and he will do anything for them. Fi was a real person, with insecurities and doubts. The two have amazing chemistry and the beard dare was to die for!

What I didn’t like/didn’t buy:

Dex is a pierced virgin with mad skills in bed? Really? Um… Okay. Not buying. And there is a scene toward the end where Dex feels really out of character. He’s been so in control, to see him completely lose it and to such an extent was hard for me to believe.

Some parts of the story dragged a bit for me and I had to push myself to keep reading.


The Game Plan is a satisfying read. Like any good romance, you’re left with a smile. I’d recommend it to fans of contemporary romance, sports romance, and heroes on the sweeter side. 4 stars.

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