Guest Post: Five Facts about Stuck on You by Mia Epsilon

Today Mia Epsilon is visiting to share Five Facts about her new release, Stuck on You, from Breathless Press.


Five facts about STUCK ON YOU.

  1. Stuck on You is a song by Lionel Richie released in 1984 which becomes a very important tune for the hero and heroine. It’s one of ‘their’ songs.
  2. Stuck on You is also a song recorded by Elvis in 1960. It was his first hit after his tour of duty in the US army.
  3. Stuck on You is also the title of a 2003 movie starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear as conjoined twins. This has nothing to do with romance.
  4. Stuck on You is a romantic way to say, “I love you and I’m not planning to get over you any time soon.”
  5. Stuck on You is also the name of a 2006 music video featuring the band Failure from their album Fantastic Planet

Mia also agreed to have a bit of an interview today, along with the Five Facts she shared about Stuck on You. 

So, Mia, what’s your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?

Coffee with just a touch of milk is my favorite. Since I can’t have much coffee, I’ve fallen in love with tea, especially Earl Grey and Sweet-n-Spicy.

 What is your ideal or dream writing space like?

In a cottage on the coast of Ireland, with always reliable internet and electricity, there’s a desk in front of a wide picture window facing the ocean, with mountains off to the side.

Do you ever get writer’s Block? Any tips on how to get through it?

When I get severe cases, I watch television or I read then try to write again. For those I just don’t want to write times, I make myself write something, no matter what.

 What is your favorite quote? Can be book related or not.

It’s not what lies before or behind us, but what lies within us.

 Give an interesting or fun fact about your book/series.

There are many native Hawaiian references and characters, a section of genres and setting not often seen in books.



Mia Epsilon lives with her ever patient and tolerant soul mate hubby in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, USA. She’s an avid reader of almost anything but particularly romance with too many favorite authors to name. Mia is a huge Doctor Who fan and adores the new Doctor with his Scottish accent. She also happily suffers a chocolate addiction which causes her to visit her favorite chocolate store, The Chocolate Fetish an abnormally high number of times.


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Robin and Anna are back. The wedding is over, they are happily married, and living in Anna’s beloved hometown. Plus they have the blessed new challenge of twins. Sure, each has annoying bad habits, they’re seriously sleep deprived, and a few cracks have appeared in their unblemished marriage. After all, this is the real world not a fairy tale. Nothing will destroy this idiotic existence.

Until Robin is offered the promotion of his career. It’s perfect except it means a big move away from their family, friends, and home. With neither willing to bulge on the issue, the first major fight of their marriage shakes it to its foundations.

Then a tragic accident changes everything. Can this couple find their way back to each other and stay Stuck on You?



The smell of chilli filled the air and eased his irritation. Mmm, he did love that slow cooker homemade stuff Anna made. Had she created the old family recipe of cornbread as well? Robin sniffed the air with a growing sense of hope and anticipation but smelled only tomatoes and peppers. “Anna?”

Robby’s wails increased in volume. Funny, I know exactly which twin it is. Robin gave a small chuckle as the father love surged through him and replaced the irritation. He dropped his bag and the application folder to the oak kitchen table and rushed toward the den. Robby lay on his back on a fluffy blanket on the floor. His little face had turned deep red from his cries. His arms and legs pumped the air with fury clad in small jeans and T-shirt proclaiming, “If You Think I’m Cute You Should See My Twin”. River lay nearby on her tummy, similarly clad but calm. Her small hand grasped a corner of the blanket and tugged as if she wanted to pull it over her head and drown out her brother. Her face lifted to stare at him as he ran into the room. Robin would have sworn she rolled her eyes as if to say, Yeah, it’s him again. Can you please make him stop? He’s disturbing my peace.

“Anna?” Robin gathered Robby up into his arms and patted River’s tiny back. “Shh, it’s all right. Daddy’s here.” Okay Robby desperately needed a change. Whew, the smell! As his arm slipped around to hold his son more securely Robin felt the wetness from a soaking diaper seep into his shirt. Robby hiccupped and continued to sob. His small body shuddered as if he’d been crying so long he couldn’t cease. Robin felt an identical wetness as his hand drifted lower on River and the dark stain beneath her body.

“Anna!” Icy cold fingers of rising panic trailed up and down Robin’s spine. Something wasn’t right. Anna would never, ever leave the twins soaked or alone for so long. She jumped to respond to their needs the minute one of them uttered a distressed sound. Robin continued to try to soothe his son as his gaze searched the room for some sign of what might be happening. The phone lay on the table beside the twins. Piles of laundry were stacked in neat rows on the sofa. A half empty bottle of water sat on the floor. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary.

Except Anna wasn’t there. She hadn’t answered the phone. Plus the twins, her pride and joy, had been left without her care. “Anna!”

Where was she? His heart nearly burst from his chest. His skin chilled. Panting breath ripped at his lungs and throat. He jerked to his feet and startled Robby who began to cry in earnest again. “Anna!”

“Anna!” Robby continued to wail though thankfully River had stopped and now gazed at him with an expression of patient tolerance. Heart pounding like the fastest speed on his motorcycle, Robin tried to remain composed for the sake of the twins. He climbed the stairs to the bedrooms, each lift of his foot like trudging through thick, dragging mud. He murmured a soothing sound to Robby as his screams echoed off the walls and mirrored Robin’s own ever rising fear twisting his stomach and souring his throat. “Anna?”

At the top of the stairs, his gaze darted around the small space. His heart, his breath, his mind simply halted as his whole body shook.


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