Do you ever wonder where #authors get their ideas? #sneakpeek into where Sean’s Sweetheart came from


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Sean’s Sweetheart has been a couple years in the making. An overheard conversation one day by a tattooed guy talking about his bar got the wheels turning. Slowly, Sean’s character began to reveal itself to me.

His past was something he had to overcome. He decided to change his life, and went for what he wanted. But without his past, he couldn’t be the man Talia fell in love with. The above quote is one I feel fits Sean. His strength came because of his struggles, out of his determination to get past them.

When he needed a love interest, I needed to find someone who could look past a bit of a rough exterior, to see the gentle man hidden within. Talia had her own trials to get past. She needed someone to help her remember who she wanted to be, without trying to change her into what he wanted her to be.

But were their pasts too much? Could they move forward without getting knocked down? Well, you’ll have to read their story and find out.

Has there been an moment in your past that’s knocked you down? How were you able to move past it?

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