Romantic suspense with a side of humor? Yes, please! #KU

Carolyn LaRoche’s new release, Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos, has a little something for everyone. Like humor? Got you covered. Like romance? Yup, that too. Missing girls? A mystery to solve? Killer soundtrack and friends that support a girl no matter what she gets herself into? Oh yeah…


Undercover In Six Inch Stilettos

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Every woman has secrets…

Cyndi Mills has a great life. A handsome husband that is totally hot for her, a beautiful daughter, and friends she could trust with her life. Her life should feel complete, yet she feels something is missing. She knows her husband won’t approve when she takes on a job where her closest friend is a cross dressing bartender, her mentor has a feather boa for every occasion, and her alter-ego spends every shift shaking her… um… assets.

She manages to keep her new career a secret from her husband, Jason, until her co-workers start disappearing. Cyndi is determined to find the missing girls. Unfortunately, solving the case means her overly protective cop husband has to know where she goes every Friday night and the killer soundtrack of 80’s rock won’t matter to him one bit. Cyndi’s thrown deep into the case when she becomes a confidential informant. With her marriage and family on the line, will she risk everything to find justice?


How about an excerpt?

The drive to the ocean front area only took about twenty minutes. There wasn’t much tourist traffic in October, even on a Friday night. Two police cars were parked in front of the club.  Cyndi prayed it wasn’t one of Jason’s buddies. It would take 2.3 seconds for one of them to have Jason on the phone and she would be completely screwed. Pulling around to a lot at the back of the club, she slipped in the delivery door in the alley and snuck up to the entrance of the main bar and dancing room. Two Virginia Beach police officers stood by the bar talking to Johnny, or Jonet’ as he was going by that night. Every so often Johnny pulled out his alter ego, Jonet’ doing himself up in full drag. That night he was wearing a slinky pink dress all decked out in sparkles and shimmery tulle. The two officers seemed to find his get-up amusing, although they were trying hard to maintain their composure. It was hard to tell if they were in there on official business or just checking things out. Cops dropped in on occasion to make sure things were up to snuff, but they didn’t usually hang around long. Johnny’s uncle owned the place and he ran a tight ship. Everything legal and by the book. Sugar Shakers actually had a respectable reputation despite being a gentlemen’s club in a family-oriented vacation city.

Cyndi smiled. Johnny looked ridiculous in drag but it made him happy to get all dolled up. He didn’t seem to care how bad it looked.

The clock behind the bar read 8:55. She had the better part of half an hour to get ready for her run on stage from nine thirty until eleven thirty. The two cops didn’t look familiar so she ducked back into the hallway and made her way to the dressing area to change and do her hair and make-up.

No sooner had she donned her red sequined bustier when Roxy sashayed into the little space wrapped in a lime green boa and a cloud of cheap perfume. Roxy loved her cheap perfume almost as much as her fake feathers.

“Good evenin’, Sugah.”

“Hey, Roxy. You got any idea why those two cops are out there talking to Jonet’?”

Roxy let out a snort. “Don’t you be fuelin’ that boy’s fantasy of being a queen. He is one awful lookin’ lady!”

“Come on, Roxy, he looks adorable.”

“You got to be blind or high, little lady, if you be thinkin’ Johnny looks anything like adorable!”

Cyndi worked a comb and some hairspray into her blonde hair, teasing it into an over-zealous bouffant. “So? Why were the cops in here?”

“You didn’t hear ’bout Jade?”

Cyndi stopped what she was doing and turned to face Roxy who was digging through her oversized purse. The other woman pulled a pack of Lucky Strikes from the depths and started banging the box against her other palm absently.

“No, what about Jade?”

“She’s gone.”

“What do you mean ‘gone’? Like she moved?”

“Nope.” Roxy tore at the cellophane on the pack of cigarettes.

“Come on, Roxy, don’t be coy. What happened to Jade?”

Pulling a cigarette from the pack, Roxy rested it between her lips as she attempted to light it with her two-inch fake nails. Cyndi marveled at the detailed handiwork of swirls and stars that graced the ends of Roxy’s fingertips while she waited impatiently to hear what happened to the other young dancer that usually worked Friday nights with them.

Just when Cyndi couldn’t stand watching her anymore, Roxy managed to get the cigarette lit.  She pulled a long drag off it before speaking through the haze of exhaled smoke. “She disappeared. No one knows what happened to her. Left here right after you did last week and that was the last anyone has heard of her.”

An image of a shadowy figure with something tossed over its shoulder flashed into Cyndi’s mind. Gooseflesh broke out all over her bare arms.

“You say she disappeared last Friday night?”

“Sure thing, Sugah. Ain’t no one heard hide nor hair of her since.”

“Maybe she went back home finally?”

“I don’t think so. Nope, I think she’s just gone. Poor little thing.”

“Hey! Lady Liberty! You’re on in two!” Johnny’s voice echoed down the hall from the bar.  At least the cops had to be gone if he was calling for her.

Slipping into her red heels, she double checked her make-up. “I got to get on stage, Roxy, but we’ll talk more before I leave.”

“Ain’t nothin’ else to tell, Sugah. Jade is gone as gone can be and I bet she ain’t never gonna be back. Why do you think the cops was here?”

“Liberty! Let’s roll!” Johnny bellowed down the back hall again.

“I’m coming!” she yelled back as she waved to Roxy and took off toward the main stage. “So much for staying in character, Jonet’.”

Johnny patted down his red wig and smoothed the slinky fabric of his dress. She stepped up to the door to the back of the stage. “I am in complete charge of my character, doll. You don’t think a lady with all this hair would be timid and shy, do you?”

“Johnny, I just don’t know how you pull it off in a dress like that. Things should be bulging, you know?”

Johnny laughed and tapped his crotch with a long, fake fingernail painted in the exact pink of his dress. “Name of the game is tuck and roll, doll. Tuck and roll.”

“That sounds awfully painful to me, Johnny.”

“The name’s Jonet’ today, doll. Now get on out there and shake a little booty like you just don’t care!”

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