#fridayreads Red As A Rose by @dfkrieger #review


I may be an adult, but I still enjoy fairy tales–naughty or nice. D.F. Krieger’s Red As A Rose is a short and naughty take on Red Riding Hood.

In this version, Red, known here as Rose, is not a child who needs saving. Oh no, she’s a seductive witch with dark powers. And the big bad wolf? A sexy shifter in need of Rose’s help.

I love stories where the heroine isn’t in need of saving. While Rose has doubts and insecurities, she doesn’t let them stop her.

Red As A Rose is fun, sexy, and a new take on a familiar tale. This is not the story you grew up with. It’s a short and fun way to spend a little time. Highly recommended for fairy tale lovers! My only complaint is that it was too short!!

It’s available on Amazon. Pick it up here: Red As A Rose

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