Rain, Rain, Go Away

Angry clouds block the morning sun. Sharp cracks of lightning brighten the sky momentarily before the loud crash of thunder shakes the walls. Power flickers, cable’s gone out. Streams of water run down the street. Sump pump keeps pumping, pumping, pumping…and there’s still water in the basement.

Thunderstorms. Tornado warnings.

It’s October, not April. *sigh*

Snuggly preschooler who says she’s not scared. She just wants to cuddle. By cuddle, she means sitting almost up under Mommy. Nope…not a bit afraid. If the lightning stops, and the rain lightens up some, we may go splash in some puddles. We have more than enough to splash in today. That might cheer her up.

Rain beats down on the tin roof. I find the rhythmic thumps soothing. I want nothing more than to curl up with a blanket and nap. Is there anything that helps you sleep more?

The rain needs to stop now though.

It’s Tuesday, aka Football Night. Hopefully the games don’t get rained out again. *fingers crossed* Two more games this season and we will wrap up middle school football for the year.

My friend Sheritha is sharing my book on her blog today. Go visit her, yeah?

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