Quotes that I’ve found inspiring

Today I want to share a few quotes that I have found meaningful, or inspiring, to my life. Sometimes a quote resonates within me and the thought lingers long after reading.

Never know how strong


How true is this? Many times in my life have I felt defeated, sure that I couldn’t go on. Yet, I had to. For my family, for myself. But I believed that I couldn’t. Then, when the crisis ended, I looked back and thought I did better than I’d ever imagined possible. We lost everything in a house fire several years back. Three days before Christmas, we became homeless. I was eight months pregnant and thought there is no way we can make it through this. But, we did. And our family is stronger after those struggles. I am stronger after those struggles.


Can’t anyone learn from this quote? How many times have you wasted a day focused on something that makes little to no difference in your life? I have. I’ve learned to do better these last few years. But I wasted a lot of time on things with little meaning, negatives I needed to let go and move on from, and worries over what didn’t work out. All that time could have been used for something productive.


I have never been the person to look down on other’s accomplishments. Even if your day is complete crap, that doesn’t give you the right to diminish someone’s joy over their achievements. Remember this before you speak. If more people followed this advice, the world would be a better place. I’ve been on the other side of this. I’ve had a ‘friend’ cut down what I thought was a grand achievement simply because she was having a bad day. Has anyone blown your candles out like that? Or have you been the one blowing the candles?

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