On Jobs and Writing, a guest post by Ivy Bateman

With us today is Ivy Bateman.  She has a new release, The Art of Falling Forever, out from Breathless Press. If you like feel-good Christmas stories, particularly with angels, pick it up today.

Now, here’s Ivy:

At the beginning of December, I started a new job. For me, switching jobs is old hat. I change jobs fairly often due to a need to on my part or that of someone else’s. What is different about this job is that it’s what I call, “a big girl job”. It’s full time, the pay is good, the benefits rock, I get many paid sick days, and three weeks’ vacation a year. In the smallish town where I live, getting this job is like winning the lottery and whenever I tell people I work there, I hear “Oh good for you. I hear that’s quite a job.”

And yes, they’re right, it is quite a job. The learning curve is nothing short of staggering, and the stress that will come along with the position when we start working on actual cases, will be quite high. For these reasons, I almost didn’t apply. They did the hiring in waves. My husband was part of wave one, I didn’t pass wave two, and so almost didn’t bother with wave three. But then they extended the application process and I thought, “Why not?” I’m really glad I did. Yes, the learning is hard, the stress will be high, but now we’ll have a bit of extra money in our pockets. And you know what? I’m doing ok! Actually, I’m doing better than ok. I actually like it, learning stress and all! There are people who thought this job would be too hard on my artistic soul, but my artistic soul actually really enjoys paper work and figuring what goes where, and problem solving! I’ve been out of the paperwork game for a while, and had forgotten how satisfying it all is.

Now, what does this have to do with my book, The Art of Falling Forever? Not a whole lot to be honest except to say that my writing may be put on the back burner for a while. I’ll be learning for about a year and I want to do this job well and do it right. The money, I hate to admit, will make having to rest my writing side a bit easier to swallow as it will now mean we can go off and have adventures we can afford, adventures that will lead to more ideas and stories that will be written when I find the time again.

I’m very proud of this story. It was hard to write and I almost didn’t bother to try again after I received my polite rejection, but something in me wanted to get it out. Maybe I knew it would be one of my last ones for a while. Or maybe I wanted to make sure that I found a way out of the darkness I was in when I wrote it. Either way, it wouldn’t be the story it is today without my amazing editor.

Thanks, Allie, very much.

Happy Holidays everyone and please stop by my blog Ivy B Misbehavin’. I’m having a contest with quite a few prizes!

Thanks for visiting today, Ivy! It was my pleasure to work with you on this lovely story. (That’s no longer dark, by the way.)

Here’s The Art of Falling Forever. Just look at this gorgeous cover!!!



A chaste kiss on the cheek leads to the discovery of a lifetime.

Even though Eilam has always been part of her world, Amy never thought of him as more than her mother’s friend. One night, after rehearsal for the town’s Christmas Pageant, Eilam reveals that not only is there more to him than Amy had ever imagined, but that together they could be the next chapter in a story that has played out in her family for over 2000 years.

While struggling to cope with the death of her mother and the responsibility of being in charge of the biggest even of the year, Amy must decide whether her future lies with her estranged boyfriend Troy or the enigmatic Eilam.

About the author:

When she was just nine, this girl began her journey for a life on the stage. Attempts were made, classes were taken, lessons were well learned but, at the end of the day, a decision to live life off the stage was made. But all was not lost. While at college she met the love of her life and his support and strength has helped her to see that she has talent waiting around many corners.

When the stage beckons, she answers its call, and her new passion for writing has enhanced many of her theatre dreams and as well as the occasional book, she now occasionally writes a play.

The love of her life generously reads everything she writes and although he may not always be her muse, he is always her biggest fan.

The Art of Falling Forever is Ivy’s sixth release with Breathless press. Between the Lines, Ivy’s first Breathless Press release was released in January, 2012. This was followed by The Fifth Story in September, 2012, Baby, You’re Cold Inside in December, 2012, Christmas Eve Surprise in December, 2013 and I’ll Call You Alice in August, 2014 that was released on its and as part of the anthology Wonderland Tales.

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