Interview with Juliet Chastain, author of Mr. A, A Kinc Inc story

Today we have an interview with Juliet Chastain, author of Mr. A, a Kink Inc. story. Available today.



Hi Juliet, 

What’s your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?

I’ll take Marguerita, thank you. Aquired my taste for them here in Mexico.

 Are you an outliner or a seat-of-your-pants writer?

I am definitely the latter. I start out with a situation or a character or two in mind and start writing to find out what happens. I once tried the plotting method. My editor (we’d worked together often.) accepted the story on the basis of my outline. Suffice it to say it’s lucky we live far apart because she would have strangled me before the ordeal of making that outline into a book was done. It was torture for both of us. Never again!

What are three things you have on your writing desk?

On my desk is a pile of blank paper, some pens, and dust. I actually write on my laptop in various inappropriate locations around my place. (bed, couch, floor, etc.)

What is your ideal or dream writing space like?

If I could write lying down—that would be lovely—I’m almost there, but haven’t figured out how to do flat on my back

What are you working on at the moment?

A snarky Western. I’ve got a decent draft—now to get to work revising and revising and revising…

And speaking of such things, Mr. A, a Kink Inc. story is coming out on February 27. It’s a bit Shades of Grey, but you can read the whole thing and still go to bed at a decent hour. It’s short, it’s call-the-fire-department hot and it’ll be available wherever e-books are sold.


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Mr. A, a Kink Inc. story

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A short, steamy, bedtime read with a lot of dominance, some ménage, and a little spanking—all in a moving vehicle.

The inexperienced Miss V joins the mysterious and demanding Mr. A for a steamy fling. She’s prepared to acquiesce to his every request, but when, in no time at all things get down and dirty with a side of kink, she’s shocked. A short, torrid bedtime read.



For a moment, shocked, I open my mouth to object. I almost pull away. But I do not. I remember I must oblige him; I know I am only here to please him. Whatever he wishes to do to me, I must acquiesce. And crazily that knowledge makes me hotter, makes me passionately want him to continue.

I open my eyes and our gazes lock. I can’t quite understand what I see in his eyes. It seems to be a mixture of triumph, amusement, and pleasure. Then, it changes, and I am looking at lust personified.


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Fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain, loves to tell stories and when she isn’t creating a scenario with her camera, she’s pounding out a tale on her keyboard. Just as she knows how to shoot models and clothes and make a story out of them, she can take characters or ideas that pop into her head and work them into a book.

Juliet writes various kinds of short stories. She does sweet-and-sexy like Making Waves—a Cougar Tale—in which passion combusts at seaside or Vampire Cowboy with a vampire who goes a little wild out West. If you prefer simply sexy, check out the Intruder in which a nameless woman indulges in a steamy fantasy. If you like a dash of hot BDSM for your bedtime reading, the Kink Inc. series begins to release February 27.


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