Inspiration behind Wolf Creek Father, a guest post by Penny Richards

Today, Penny Richards is visiting to talk about the inspiration behind her newest release, Wolf Creek Father. I’m so excited to have Penny with us today. I’ve been reading her books for years!

Inspiration for Wolf Creek Father

Any time a writer writes about a specific place, fictional or real, they also create other places and characters along the way. Often, these characters who may only be a “walk on” in one book, nag the poor writer’s subconscious until they manage to get a book of their own. That’s how many of my spin-off books come about.

Through the years, I’ve used all my grandchildren’s names in books as heroes or heroines, something I plan to do with the “greats,” too. Colt Garrett, the hero of WOLF CREEK FATHER, was named after my two-year-old great grandson with the same name, and I ask you, with a name like that, what on earth could he be but the sheriff?

I’d initially planned on him winding up with Ellie, who owns the café and is a much-loved secondary character in the series, but I’d already created Win Granville from Boston, and I thought she would have a stronger conflict with him. So, I resurrected Allison Grainger the red-headed spinster schoolteacher who helped get things ready for the wedding in book one, and made her and Ellie sisters. (I don’t know how these things happen, but the muse insisted!) The rest as they say, is history, called WOLF CREEK FATHER.

WOLF CREEK WIDOW, the fourth book in the series will be a September release, and tells the uplifting story of Meg Thomerson, who has played a role in each book, and Ace Allen (another great-grand’s name), who helps bring about the resolution to book 3. Intrigued? I hope so!



A Wife for the Sheriff?

Schoolteacher Allison Grainger loves educating the children of Wolf Creek, Arkansas. She’s nearly at her wit’s end, though when it comes to Sheriff Colt Garrett’s two unruly youngsters. But when Allison is forced to work with the prickly lawman, the handsome widower and his children prove to be both charming and the perfect complement to her own life.

Colt Garrett is too busy taming the West—and his children—to worry about the concerns of the only schoolteacher in Wolf Creek. That is, until he meets the striking Allison, whose infectious smile warms his heart. Could she be the mother figure his children have always wanted…and the wife he so longs for?

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Penny’s Bio

Penny Richards has been publishing since 1983, writing mostly contemporary romances. After an 8 year break, she decided to switch genres and is now happily penning inspirational historical romances for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical line. She loves yard sales, flea markets making something new out of old stuff, working in her flower gardens, though she often falls way behind with that. A mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, she tries to spend as much time as possible with her family, the loves of her life.

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  1. Linda Card Linda Card
    January 16, 2015    

    Loved the first two. Wolf Creek Father should be waiting in my mailbox this weekend. Great series. Definitely looking forward to reading it and the next 3.

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