Happy 4th birthday, baby girl

Wow, time surely flies by.

Today, my baby girl turned four. 4!!

How on earth did that happened? It seems like I was just in labor all of last month. Oh yes, she gave me a hard time. Stubborn from the start…

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, she’s able to have full conversations and make connections with the smallest scraps of information. She has her little notebook that she ‘writes’ her stories in. Occasionally she will put actual letters in there, but pictures are still more typical. She says she wants to write stories for her ‘homework’ when she gets older, like Mommy.

For her birthday, she asked for clothes, a pink or purple hat, a pink football, and more clothes. She was not disappointed. She put on a fashion show in the middle of her party.

I love you, sweet girl. I love how you volunteer to help your brother. I love your enthusiasm and your sweet smile. I’m so proud of the person you are becoming.

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