Get off your butt! #fitness #authors

We need to have a little real talk here today.

About exercise.


I know, I know… This is a blog about reading and writing. But you know, exercise is important to authors and readers too. Or at least it should be.

How many of you lead a sedentary lifestyle?

I’m guilty. I admit it. I spend hours each day at my computer–writing, editing, on social media. You know, all the things an author has to do.


But do you know what is at risk when you sit around on your butt each day?

  • Increased risk of certain cancers
  • Increased risk of anxiety and depression
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • More likely to be overweight or obese
  • May have a decrease in skeletal mass
  • Higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

And some of those side effects can contribute to other issues, like diabetes. So, yeah. Bad news, right?

I’ve read that 65% of Americans watch 2 or more hours of TV a day. AND we sit, on average, for 11 hours a day. Y’all we sit 2/3 of the time we are awake. And that’s the average. That factors in the people who stand 8-10 hours a day in factories and retail jobs. The people who walk all the time… I’m pretty sure I sit more than 11 hours a day some days. On days I am pushing to finish a manuscript… or got sucked into a good book… or a Netflix marathon.

How’s it effecting me?

Well, I’m overweight–okay, obese. I have high blood pressure and I’m already at increased risk of cardiovascular disease simply due to family history. Yet, I have still been sitting this much and screwing my health even further.

Time to make some changes, yeah?

That’s why I am doing the 21 Day Fix. Why I am trying to take more steps each and every day. Forcing myself to be more active. If you are interested in hearing more about my fitness journey, check out Combating Author Butt.

What do y’all do to stay in shape? Please, share your favorite workout or a healthy recipe in the comments.

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