Five Facts about Choice Affairs, a guest post by Jamie Salisbury

                         Five Facts About Choice Affairs
1) Apolo Choice’s name was inspired by Olympic speed skater, Apolo Ono.
2) Writing the dialogue between Apolo and Caitlyn’s mother Susan was quite fun. She was a little off course as far as the characters I normally write – in that’s she’s quite into herself, always “what can you do for me.”
3) Making Apolo’s character into a more normal man, without all the “all ready been written” billionaire “quirks” was really quite easy. Adding a disability to the man I felt made him all the more intriguing.
4) The political sub-plot of the book was completely new for me to write, and has inspired me to plot out an entire new series.
5) Favorite scene to write…Apolo and Caitlyn’s wedding. And yes, Susan was her narcissistic self even at her daughter’s wedding.


Choice Affairs – Blurb

Political intrigue, new marriage, dark secrets.

How will Apolo and Caitlyn face the Washington fishbowl?

How far can Apolo push his bride in the sensual arena?

Excerpt #1

“Apolo, who are you calling?” I inquired, as though I didn’t know.

“Your mother! I’ve been more than patient with the woman. I’ve overlooked things she has said or done that ordinarily I wouldn’t. She was the entire reason we waited to start preparations. So that she would be safely back in Ireland. Now, less than a week out, she decides to ignore everything we implored upon her not to do. She’s selfish, Caitlyn. The woman thinks of no one but herself, and it stops now.”

I bit my lip, trying desperately not to smile. That wouldn’t be a good thing to do right now. Apolo Choice did not tolerate anyone, not even family, doing as my mother just had.

He caught my amusement anyway. “What?” he bellowed, his eyes dark and menacing.

“Are you done ranting?”

“No! I’m just getting started. She has to be taught a lesson, and I know the perfect way to get her attention. While I’m doing that, I want you to get Izzie and Eloise on the line. The four of us have some meddling-mother-of-the-bride counter attacks to plan out.”

“What are you up to, Apolo?” I gazed warily at him as he found my mother’s number and let the games begin.

“You’ll see.”

That’s what I was afraid of—Apolo Choice and my mother, Susan Pickett White, having a blow up mere days before our wedding. I sat, grimacing, waiting for her to pick up. Or would she? As savvy as my mother was, she was probably screening her calls, anticipating Apolo’s response.

“Susan,” he bellowed into the phone. “What in the name of hell were you thinking this morning? Going on some gossip show and telling the world every detail of our wedding. How dare you! Now, I’ve called to tell you that the ceremony is off. Thanks to you, the one day we asked for privacy has been ruined.”

He stood, facing me, listening to my mother pleading. He was obviously having great fun toying with her.

“No, you may not speak to Caitlyn. Your daughter is too distraught by your selfishness to talk to anyone at the moment. I merely thought I’d let you know first-hand that the wedding has been cancelled. But you know, come to think of it, perhaps I should have gone on one of those shows you seem to relish and announced it to the entire world. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

He hung up on my mother. Not many live to tell about doing that.

 Jamie Salisbury


Writing romance stories with passion and sass, Jamie Salisbury has seen several of her books soar to #1 on Amazon. Her novella, Tudor Rubato was a finalist in the 2012 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) awards. The cover won for Best Contemporary Cover. Now in 2014, her novel, Life and Lies was nominated for a RONE in the Erotica category. Her books are both self published and now include several published through Secret Cravings Publishing.

Music, traveling and history are among her passions when not writing. Her previous career in public relations in and around the entertainment field has afforded her with a treasure trove of endless story ideas.

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  1. January 23, 2015    

    I’m reading this book right now. How can you not love Caitlyn and Apolo? And Susan…you can you not want to strangle her? I’m curious to find out what’s going on with other members of the family. Something is definitely going on. 🙂

  2. Jamie Salisbury Jamie Salisbury
    January 23, 2015    

    Thanks for hosting Choice Affairs today, Allie!

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