Finding Time To Write


Writing has been in short supply around here lately. It isn’t writer’s block. No, I have hundreds of ideas. Thousands of ideas.  Some fully fleshed out, some that are just a hint of an idea awaiting further development. I have Pinterest boards with photos that spoke to me, awaiting a story.

I have several projects started and in various stages of completion. From a single written scene to a half-told tale to a ready-for-editing story. Lack of material is NOT a concern.

So, what’s stopping me from putting pen to paper? Or hands to keyboard?

Clock fleur de lis


Or rather a severe lack of it.

Middle school football season effectively turns me into a single parent for months at a time. With four kids here full time, one with special needs, that means little free time for Mommy.

Then there’s work and school…


Soon… Soon I will have time to write again. Or I may go insane.

Writing calms me. I find it SO relaxing. I love to get lost in my imagination and the characters that live there. I love to help these made up characters navigate through the rough seas of love (all of my own making, of course). Whether writing by hand, or typing, I could spend hours writing fictional tales about characters I made  up.

And I have.

Just not recently.

At least not much. My writing time has been limited to the notepad app on my cell phone while waiting for school to let out or while I have a toddler splashing about in the tub. I suppose it is better than nothing, but it isn’t really satisfying the absolute NEED I have to write.

What keeps you from writing? How do you carve writing time out of a jam-packed busy schedule that barely allows time for breathing?

Any tips?

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