Fall break may break me

I love fall. Its probably my favorite season of the year. My allergies make spring miserable. Summer is just too hot, and winter…enough said.

Fall has a lot going for it. I love the cooler temperatures, the rich colors, and even the crunch of the leaves underfoot. Family outings to the pumpkin patch…football games…Fall is just my thing.



But my kids are out of school this week for fall break. My husband works overnights all week, so I have to try to keep them quiet while he sleeps AND somehow get my work done.

And, of course, the weather this week isn’t the nice weather I crave. Do I get nice temperatures and dry weather so I could take the kids out somewhere? Nope. I get rain and this:



Writing sure isn’t happening. Work doesn’t seem to be either.  Maybe I can convince them all to nap…

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