Do you feed your genius? #FridayReads


Instead of a review of a romance novel this Friday, I thought I’d take a slightly different direction. Right now I am reading I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, and #bethatgirl by Alexis Jones. One thing that’s really jumped out at me so far is the phrase “Feed your genius.”


Feed that genius…  Many things can stimulate your brain, your genius. Things like good books, TV and videos, music, and even exercise. (This list is in no way meant to be comprehensive.)

Good literature comes in all genres. A book doesn’t have to be literary to teach you something, to spark something in your soul. It only needs to make you feel deeply–to laugh until tears and mascara run down your face, cry because your heart just shattered, or inspire you to be better.

Some purists say TV is a waste of time. I say it can be a much needed relaxation and even a teaching tool. Watch quality shows and don’t necessarily binge four seasons in a weekend. But a good TV series can teach a lot about character, show you thought-provoking scenarios, and ignite a new interest. Watch actively. Ask questions. Learn things.

I love music. Genre matters not as long as I can easily sing along. Music inspires me to move. To dance, to create things.

And how many of you have thought of something freaking amazing mid-workout? I know I certainly have. Scenes for my work in progress… The perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one… If you haven’t, go for a walk and see if your creativity isn’t engaged. Mine usually is.

Now when I don’t take the time to feed my genius, I feel the negative effects. My creativity plunges. My writing suffers. And most of all, my emotions get darker. Patience grows thin, tempers flare, and I’m just all around miserable.

What do you do to feed your genius? How do things change for you when you don’t get that creative refill? Let me know in the comments.

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