A look ahead

A look ahead


I’ve got big goals for this year. Not resolutions, goals. Resolutions are fickle and sputter to a sad death about two weeks into January. These things are NOT resolutions. They WILL happen.

I’m forcing myself out of my comfort zone. No more hiding. Readers, you will see more of me this year. Both on this blog AND on social media.

I’m taking some interesting classes this term at school and a few non-credit writing related courses. I’m hoping they will be all that they seem. I could possibly have my bachelor’s degree by year end, if I don’t take time off during the summer. If not, I will have one more term after this year. We will see how it goes. I want to leave time to write and edit too, so I’m trying not to overload.

I’ve got a new book written. It’s with a couple beta readers now. Once I get it back from them, I’ll be ready to revise one last time. The goal is to have it ready for publication by late spring.

I’ve got several other ideas in the pipeline. Some fairly well started. Like a historical that I’ve been procrastinating on for ages. I’m pretty sure that means I’ve gone astray somewhere. I need to back up and see what I’ve done wrong and redirect. That’s usually why I find myself procrastinating on my writing–a misstep somewhere. I will figure it out this year and get my poor heroine her happy ending. Poor thing is stranded alone in a new town right now. I think she’s mad at me.

I’m also working on several titles for work that are AWESOME! I can’t wait to share them with you guys.

What’s 2015 going to hold for you?

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