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#WIPWeds Clandestine, Book 2 in the G...

#WIPWeds Clandestine, Book 2 in the Garden Falls series #amwriting

I’m having fun with Zane’s POV. How about a bit more of it? Leaning back, he yanked the stupid mask off his face. Twirling it around on one finger, he fought down a wave of nausea. The room was cool, which helped combat the hangover queasiness at least. His gaze was drawn to the bookshelf. […]

#fridayreads In The Shadow Of The Shi...

#fridayreads In The Shadow Of The Shield by @CarolynLaRoche #Review

I think we need to start the new year off right with a new romance. First off, check out this cover: Isn’t it gorgeous? Diana Massey wasn’t looking for love. She’d had that already, and lost it when her husband Donnie died. But then she meets Officer Carter Ryan. Carter had been Donnie’s protégé and […]